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€ 185.000,00

Case in città


Modica old town centre, we offer you a portion of an ancient 18th-century palazzo known as ‘dei 3 Archi’ that overlooks the most charming part of Modica, with a view of the cathedral of San Giorgio to the cathedral of San Pietro.
Modica was built on rock walls known as ‘quarries’ that in ancient times bordered watercourses, and today the scenery is one of layers of stone houses overlapping one another.
Characteristic alleys alternating with flights of steps make it possible to reach the main street in just a few minutes.
The Palazzo, which includes the portion for sale, is positioned at the top of one of these rocky ridges, so that from the entrance side it is at the level of the alley from which it is accessed, while on the façade it is at first floor level.
We are faced with a unique panorama.
This property has dual access either by car by parking a short distance away, or on foot by walking up one of the characteristic alleys.
The flat of about 90 square meters has just been renovated, highlighting its simple beauty.

Consisting of an entrance hall, kitchen, dining and living room, bedroom and bathroom, it is ideal for those seeking an essential space in the centre of Modica.

On the floor below, another flat of 130 square meters with cross vaulted stone ceilings is available for renovation.
Price separate.
By purchasing both properties, it is possible to create an elegant property to spend long periods in this city and territory that offer so much beauty.

  • € 185.000,00

  • Category: Case in città
  • Size: 90 m2
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